Fantastic Contraption, McRibs, and Music
Is a great game aimed at testing how creative you are in solving the problems. It's a lot more fun than I make it sound. You might want to try the quick tutorial first though. I also recommend turning off the music, it gets very annoying.
Some people love McDonald's McRib sandwiches, some even travel hours to get one. If you're one of those people or want to know if there's one near you, here's the site for you!

Last but not least
For those who haven't heard of this, it's basically an amazing site that tracks the music you listen to then uploads the information to your profile. You can then find other users with similar music tastes among many other things. Feel free to add me!

Italy and Money!
This is a blog I actually just found. I fell in love with the shots of Italy and wanted to share.
Is something you can do that may impress friends, or at least keep you occupied for a bit. Have you ever wanted to make your dollar bill a ring? What about a shirt? Check this link to see many ways to fold your money.
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This entry I bring you something aimed at entertainment!
This is a great site. People submit things that happened to them and you vote whether they deserved it, or whether it was fuc*ed up. A lot of the "stories" are hilarious and it's a great way to pass a few minutes.
Is similar to fmylife, except it's stories from people about something at work. Another great way to pass a few minutes.

For the college students
I came across this blog today which should prove to be one of the most useful sites you'll ever use for college.

Thank me later when you've saved money/time!


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